Video Nystagmography (VNG)

Apex is the ONLY physical therapy clinic on the Olympic Peninsula with VNG technology.


VNG Testing

All evaluations include special tests to rule out Central Nervous System origins of dizziness.

We then use a wireless infrared camera (Video Frenzel System) paired with a computer program to record and measure involuntary eye motions (Nystagmus) which occur with positional tests.

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video frenzel system

Nystagmus may occur immediately (or up to a minute after) changes in position and last only a few seconds. This is partly what causes one form of dizziness - “Vertigo.” VNG technology allows us to capture and measure its frequency, direction, and intensity. This also allows us to accurately differentiate between Central and Peripheral Nervous System balance disorders.

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If the inner ear is the culprit we can quickly identify which side and part with VNG. Then we perform the proper correcting maneuvers- which in some cases reduce symptoms immediately after just one visit.

We then provide cervical stability training, eye motion training, coordination, balance and proprioceptive training to get you back to being steady on your feet and safely doing the things you love.