It’s all in the hips

“I had hip surgery and six days later was my first PT appointment with Chris. I was in pain at this point. After 5 sessions of PT I am pain free and able to perform normal activities. I am grateful to the surgeon who did my hip surgery and to Chris Martinez for a total pain free experience.”

-Mark G.

Knowing what’s right

“Thanks Chris! I made progress so much faster and so much further than I thought was realistically possible. What I appreciate most was your way of explaining what muscles needed to be involved in each exercise. For YEARS I have been doing exercises that looked right…but I was using the wrong muscles to accomplish them! I will be forever grateful!!”

-Nancy L.

Skeptical is… good

“I came to Chris after seeing two doctors and a masseuse with only temporary relief of my symptoms. At my consultation Chris was able to pinpoint multiple issues that were causing my symptoms and while skeptical that he could determine this in an hour I decided to trust him which was the best decision I made since my injury a month before. We developed a home treatment plan coupled with twice a week appointments and in a month all my symptoms were gone. I will recommend Chris to friends & family .”

-Sean P.

“Recovery isn’t a straight line. Often it’s a long, winding road with no clear view of where you are going.
And then something changes and there’s an entirely new road open to you... with a new way forward.”
— C. Martinez